Vanilla Mint Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Company Description: 

Vanilla Mint is a smooth and refreshing blend of both green and black loose leaf tea with fragrant mint leaves and rich vanilla bean pieces. Delicious hot or iced, serve by the pitcher or in tall glasses with a sprig of fresh mint for a naturally sweet refreshment.


Simple. Mint & Vanilla.
Why do I always think of toothpaste when I smell Mint tea’s?
I have no idea, but this was pretty refreshing this morning, so I will give it a thumbs up. I did have that sprig of mint that wakes you right up and I enjoyed the balance of mint vs vanilla but you could tell that flavors were constanly battling in my mouth.

I will say that the harshness of Mint defeated the delicatness of vanilla even though it was pretty well balanced.

Nice tea 🙂 Funky smooth!

Tea Rating: 78/100

An eventful tea that kept me hanging on until the last drop, the flavor battle was interesting although I would have liked more vanilla than mint.