Tim Horton’s Chai Tea

 I must admit, Chai tea’s are not my favorite of all but this morning I was by Timmy H’s and said WHY NOT, live dangerously! This tea tasted like.. PASSION in a cup, I don’t know why I say passion, but that was the first word that came to mind when I took a sip. Why chai’s are not my cup of tea usually, is because they usually overload them with spices that I don’t really like and it just tastes like an over exasperation of flavor that by the end of the cuppa, I get bored and fed up with. This one was different, it took one flavor and stuck with it. and it wasn’t cinnamon,ginger,nutmeg,cloves,cardamom and pepper it was beyond that. They used a licorice based flavor and stuck with it the whole way through while combining it softly with nutmeg and cinnemon. I was impressed once again by timmy’s!

Review: 69/100

bold move on tim horton’s part to stick with an untraditional chai flavor and really stick with it.