Let’s Review Some Tea!

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Tim Horton’s Chai Tea

 I must admit, Chai tea’s are not my favorite of all but this morning I was by Timmy H’s and said WHY NOT, live dangerously! This tea tasted like.. PASSION in a cup, I don’t know why I say passion, but that was the first word that came to mind when I took a sip. Why chai’s are not my cup of tea usually, is because they usually overload them with spices that I don’t really like and it just tastes like an over exasperation of flavor that by the end of the cuppa, I get bored and fed up with. This one was different, it took one flavor and stuck with it. and it wasn’t cinnamon,ginger,nutmeg,cloves,cardamom and pepper it was beyond that. They used a licorice based flavor and stuck with it the whole way through while combining it softly with nutmeg and cinnemon. I was impressed once again by timmy’s!

Review: 69/100

bold move on tim horton’s part to stick with an untraditional chai flavor and really stick with it.


Let’s Review Some Tea #4

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Vanilla Mint Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Company Description: 

Vanilla Mint is a smooth and refreshing blend of both green and black loose leaf tea with fragrant mint leaves and rich vanilla bean pieces. Delicious hot or iced, serve by the pitcher or in tall glasses with a sprig of fresh mint for a naturally sweet refreshment.


Simple. Mint & Vanilla.
Why do I always think of toothpaste when I smell Mint tea’s?
I have no idea, but this was pretty refreshing this morning, so I will give it a thumbs up. I did have that sprig of mint that wakes you right up and I enjoyed the balance of mint vs vanilla but you could tell that flavors were constanly battling in my mouth.

I will say that the harshness of Mint defeated the delicatness of vanilla even though it was pretty well balanced.

Nice tea 🙂 Funky smooth!

Tea Rating: 78/100

An eventful tea that kept me hanging on until the last drop, the flavor battle was interesting although I would have liked more vanilla than mint.

Let’s Review Some Tea #3

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Japanese Green Tea by Mayaka

Company Description:

Sencha Japanese Green tea is the most commonly enjoyed tea variety in Japan. Our green tea leaves are meticulously cultivated during early summer to harvest the first flush of green tea, known as the highest grade of leaves. By steaming the freshly gathered leaves at very high temperature to prevent oxidation, Japanese green tea can preserve its rich color and flavor. Following the strict standards of Mayaka, our tea is of finest quality. Enjoy the exquisite taste of our Mayaka Sencha Japanese Green tea.


This tea is a very simple, authentic japenese green tea. It doesn’t have the exquisite flavors that the company promises but it’s still pretty solid in my books. It had a smokey green taste, a little grassy.

Tea Rating: 73/100

Smokey green tea, with a lack of esquisate flavors.

Let’s Review Some Tea #2

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Super Chocolate by David’s Tea

Company Description:

On the surface, this seems like a delicious organic chocolate tea with a nice hint of cinnamon. But take a closer look and you’ll find that it’s actually an arsenal of flavenoids and other immunity-enhancing compounds. That’s because it contains both green rooibos and green tea, two impressive sources of antioxidants. So while you indulge, it’s secretly fighting free radicals and other bad guys.


This tea is pretty much how the company describes it, a chocolate aromatized tea with just the right amount of cinnemon. I was pretty happy with this cafeine free tea, it’s really one of those mood boosters that leave you wondering how did they get that unbelievable aroma of chocolate in an organic, cafeine free tea. I never add sweetener to tea, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as sweet as I would have liked it, but it was still pretty interesting.

Tea Rating: 68/100

This Green Rooibos blend was interesting and had a great chocolate aroma, however the sweetness was not present to my liking.

Let’s Review Some Tea #1

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Oh Canada – David’s Tea

Company Description:

Looking for a taste of Canada? Try this red rooibos tea. It’s sweetened with (what else?) maple syrup and sprinkled with delicious maple leaf candies. Plus it’s 100% diplomatic (well, caffeine-free) and tastes great in both our official languages. With green rooibos, honeybush, caramel and toffee bits to shake things up. A truly authentic Canadian experience


This rooibos is fantastic. It has this great maple syrup aroma and a sweet backtaste without being sugary. The smell of this tea could fill up a house with a magnificant smell that catches the attention of everyone. I reccomend this tea to be served not too hot, but not too cold.

Rating: 82/100

Elegant aroma, unique flavoring, and an all around delicious rooibos